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The Colaborative Research Center (SFB 267) "Deformation processes in the Andes" was a long-term project which comprised about 30 task groups which were investigating the crustal processes acting at this convergent plate margin.

The  results of the final research  period are published in the Springer series "Frontiers in Earth Sciences". For more information, please visit the book publication section.



An information system  was established in the very beginning of the SFB267.  With some 120 scientists from three universities in Germany and some other 10 co-operating partner institutions in South America (link auf partner), it became apparent that good communication within and between all SFB working groups would be crucial. The website of the SFB was designed to provide information for internal use and for the global scientific community. A bulk of information was made available to the scientists which helped to prepare field campaigns (satellite imageries, topographic maps, digital elevation data, health information etc.) and to facilitate the exchange of data and ideas.


When the active research period of the SFB267 ended we decided to keep a static version of the website alive for some time so that scientists working in that area may have access to information and data collected during the active period of the SFB267.  Most of the ancillary data has been removed from the website because  more detailed and more accurate data are available today from well known internet sources. Therefore you will find only  SFB267-specific data compilations on this website.


The addresses of all SFB-members (including e-mail addresses) are  not be updated since January 2005! If you need more recent information please contact Dr. P. Wigger (wigger(at)geopysik.fu-berlin.de), former secretary of the SFB267.


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